Terms of use


You are required to be 13+ to use our products / services.

Applicable law that scares us.


No passwords or usernames are required. You don’t have to come up with yet another online identity, we don’t have to store it and help you reset your password. Everybody wins.

We do not have your e-mail address, therefore our ability to bug you with news, freebies and updates is limited to our feedback system and what you supply. Please don’t spam us.


Feedback should be considered Public.


We provide entertainment. Your experience may or may not be intended.

Code / Artwork / Fonts / Sounds / Etc

Certain assets are licensed.

All other material in game and on our websites including, but not limited to, images, audio files, animations, dialog boxes, databases, code bases and combinations thereof are belong to us.

tldr; Copyrights exist for everything. If you want to use something, ask.

Updated 2014-01-07