Privacy Policy

No emails, no accounts, no usernames nor passwords.

No cookies.

Website local databases (managed by your browser) to store preferences. Where as cookies are transmitted automatically to the server, this database is not.

p_ccodeyesWebsite preference for language

We log the Country Code, time and url when visited.

Our databases are hosted on servers within the US.

Feedback should be considered Public.

Gameplay usage data can be optionally sent to our Cloud services.


The data we store.

Feedback yes To provide support and a channel to communicate with our users.

Consider your feedback public. Provide only the information you are willing to share in public.

Usage datayesData like "How you played". Having this data allows us to find bugs, create better products/games (more/less challenging). Requires an UUID token (described below) to be created.
Code errorsnoAllows us to debug or even know our product/game/website is having problems.
Country CodenoAny request to our webservers provides an IP Address. We convert the IP Address to a country code (without sharing the IP Address with a 3rd party). This helps us better understand where our products are used.
UUID Tokens yes Products/Games may optionally generate UUID tokens (Wikipedia entry) which are communicated with our services. The tokens are used to verify the author (the provider of the tokens) and cluster data with the same tokens together. By design UUID does not contain personal information.

Example: You send gameplay data and provide an UUID token. Future gameplay data using the same UUID token becomes associated.

You can manage these tokens on your device.

Country Code

We convert IP Addresses to Country Codes without sharing your IP Address with a 3rd party. It is imperfect but provides some insight as to where our products/games are being used. Here is an example of what our software outputs using the IP you provided by viewing this page:

Your browser/device provided us with the IP which we store as from ZZ.

3rd Party

This information is managed the 3rd parties privacy policy.

You can optionally enable Apple GameCenter in the Settings menu of the individual Games/Products.

You can optionally send any developer (including us) Apple Crash reports.

We see sales information from iTunes Connect.

Any request over the internet will pass information to many different 3rd parties (e.g. your ISP). These are defined by the services/protocols used.

All products/services do not make use of: beacons, advertisment platforms, 3rd party hosted javascript libraries.

The data stored in our cloud is encrypted and backed up on 3rd party services (Dropbox and Amazon which are hosted in the US).


Updated 2018-05-04 - Added a table of data we store (under Cloud). Added optional UUID tokens. Renamed Other Services to 3rd party. Included sales information to 3rd party. Added Country Code.

Updated 2014-01-07 - Original version.