The original concept for Café Chocolatier was in 2012. This was the hay-day of the iPhone development land grab. This was before the big companies carved out the majority of the profits. Before development costs to compete soared. Before patrons were almost as important as sales meant full time iOS work, or a part time gig.

Like many who attended GDC, or similar conferences you had goals, ambitions. So over a weekend I started a project. Found an concept artist to help and went down the path of development towards an end goal of releasing on the iOS App Store. I would be happy if I covered my costs, but expected to cover coffee. Turns out coffee is pretty expensive. The post mortem (can you have one with a released product?) lead to many possibilities for reasons for failure. Not the least of which was the poor name. The project was set aside but never forgotten.

So I'm resurrecting it ... just for myself. Lofty ambitions and expectations are thrown out the window. My original design document was never achieved but now I have some free time, a supportive wife, and a chance to tackle it once again.